Understanding Theta Healing

Theta Healing is difficult to describe until you have experienced it for yourself. You've most likely never heard of it!

Theta healing is a combination of strategies and tools that allow you to reach the unconscious mind in order to transform outdated ideas and attitudes.

Part meditation, part recalibrating the brain, part the power of positive thought. By accessing theta brain wave, a person can easily facilitate both psychological and physical healing.

This healing is done in a safe, quick, and extremely effective manner, with no adverse effects. Here you can discover thorough information on theta healing and how you may utilize it to your advantage; the technique has incredible advantages. From the treatment of mental difficulties to the treatment of diseases and injuries.


The Theta Healing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual concept that is not limited to one religion but accepts all, with the goal of bringing one closer to the Creator.

It is a mind, body, and spirit training program that helps you to eliminate limiting ideas and live life with good thoughts, cultivating virtues in all that we do. The Theta Healing Technique promotes a healthy lifestyle via meditation and prayer.

Anahata Wellbeing Theta Healing

Our professional practitioner will take you into a profound level of relaxation and meditation during the Theta Healing session; the brain enters the sluggish Theta brainwave, just on the border of awareness. This will allow us to examine the subconscious mind with the goal of uncovering limiting ideas and conditioning; from there, we will eliminate and resolve these limiting beliefs and, where appropriate, replace them with healthier and more aligned with success and abundant beliefs. The ultimate objective is for you to be free to live to your full potential and achieve your life's purpose without being constrained by the conditioned sub-conscious mind.

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