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The Anahata Wellbeing Post Retreat Home Detox Program

We have created a realistic home detox program that is suitable for all that have completed an Anahata Wellbeing detox retreat and wish to continue the detox journey at home. Whichever of our detox retreats you experienced, this home detox program is the natural next step on the journey to excellent health and vitality.

*Only available for Anahata Detox Retreat Guests



Whilst this program is suitable for you regardless of your current health, age and experience, you
will receive personal guidance within the program in order to make necessary adjustments to suit
your needs and goals.

This comprehensive home detox program is exclusive to those of you that have already completed
an Anahata Wellbeing Retreat and is NOT a substitute for attending one of our programs. The detox
at Anahata is the “kickstart” whilst this home detox program is the continuing journey of
detoxification and improved health.

Complete detoxification will take months, often years and becomes an ongoing journey. Our aim is
to guide and support you along this journey.



Once you are a member, the program is accessed via a password secured page on our website Log in to your own personal profile to be part of a community of fellow
“detoxers” with whom you may connect and share your experiences as well as access unique online
material created specifically for this Online Home Detox.


These include:

  • Introduction to the importance and benefits of continued detox

  • Monthly meal plan

  • Recipes For Incredible Health ebook - relevant juice, raw and cooked food recipes to be used alongside the meal plan.

  • Video library including guided meditations, yoga classes and cooking workshops as well as an extensive selection of some of the best movies and documentaries about health, diet and natural healing.

  • Twice monthly consultation via Zoom with Simon Belcher, Co-Founder of Anahata or a resident Detox manager

  • Twice monthly online personal yoga class with a resident Yoga teacher

  • Twice monthly online distance Reiki session with a resident Reiki practitioner

  • Invitation to closed WhatsApp group where you may chat with fellow home detoxers and

  • the team

  • Regular live group meditation and breathing classes and talks facilitated by Simon and team,

  •  Access to the Anahata Wellbeing members only WhatsApp group.

How do I join?

You will be offered the opportunity to join this Post Retreat Home Detox program during your stay
with us at Anahata Wellbeing or you may submit the below form:

Program Prices:
4 weeks @ $299
8 weeks @ $399
12 weeks @ $499
52 weeks @ $1,499

Additional 4 weekly subscription at $149 (eg. you may purchase an initial 8-week package then
choose to continue subscription on a 4-weekly basis)

Senior Couple Doing Yoga


We are enjoying your cookbook and sticking to our new healthy eating plan.
Russ has lost about 7 kilo.. looking very slim and of course we had to buy him new clothes.. haha. He is pleased with his new look.. as am I.

Had a bunch of blood work done and results were outstanding for the two of us.. enviable ‘good’ cholesterol was the doctor comment. Plus low BMI.

Russ has also not had a rheumatoid flare up! As you mentioned and his doctor said it is in remission. Yaeh!

   - Anne and Russ, USA