Health Shake


Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices to cleanse and reboot your body and boost immunity. Ideal for your annual deep cleanse or as a short break over a long weekend.
Toxicity and acidity are the underlying causes of all disease; combined with a compromised immune system, most of us in the modern world all too often find ourselves prey to illness and disease. This simple but effective juicing protocol will release and flush out the major toxins held within the cells, organs and tissue of the body, restore a healthy PH level and reboot your innate immune system; leaving you feeling energized, and healthier than you have for years! 
The Anahata juice detox is suitable for you whether you are a seasoned detoxer or an absolute beginner. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you and support you on your healing journey back to excellent health and vitality!




5 Day Juice Detox


7 Day Juice Detox


14 Day Juice Detox